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Zoka Java Blend is a taste experience in itself. It is an ideal mid-day coffee, as well as the perfect companion to a light breakfast or a simple dessert.

Zoka Java Blend

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The two blend components are very powerful on their own, and when combined in the cup make for a charismatic profile that many coffee lovers will enjoy. Its prominent fruity flavors, floral aromatics, and earthy low notes make it easy to enjoy and a terrific gift for a friend learning to appreciate the subtle characteristics of regional coffees and blends.

The most often mentioned blend in the world is "Mocha Java" Blend, traditionally a combination of coffees from the Indonesian Island of Java, where coffee was first exported for the European market, and from the wild arid mountains of Yemen. The Zoka-Java blend captures this centuries-old tradition of blending with a slight twist that allows us to follow our model of sustainability while offering the same captivating combination of flavors that have been enjoyed in coffee houses across the world for years.

Rather than follow the traditional approach to blending a "Mocha-Java" style coffee, we aimed for a unique flavor profile that would both give a nod to the roots of the blend, as well as stand out from the pack. Since organic coffees are not currently available from the country of Java, we chose to expand the savory, syrupy component of our Zoka-Java Blend to other Indonesian countries that do offer organic coffees. We discovered the perfect component in an earthy, hearty organic Indonesian coffee that is also remarkably clean in the cup (an unusual quality in Indonesian beans).

On the African side of our Mocha-Java blend, we ran into the same issue of the country of Yemen not currently offering organic coffees. Like Indonesia, coffees from Yemen are characteristically slightly gamey in the cup, so our search for a clean, bright and fruity African coffee led us west into Africa. There we found the ideal compliment to our clean Indonesian, a floral coffee with delicate citrus qualities and a fine acidity that balances the heavy-bodied, savory Indo perfectly.

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