About Organic Espresso Cuatro Blend

This organic espresso blend is all about balance. A sweet nutty aroma transitions into a finish tinged with cocoa and graham cracker. The affect is a shot of espresso that bears more than a passing resemblance to a liquid S'more.

Organic Espresso Cuatro

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More about Organic Espresso Cuatro

The entire world is waking up to the idea of sustainability. Zoka is committed to this effort and makes sustainable choices, especially when it comes to purchasing our coffees! This, in combination with a heightened demand from increasingly environmentally aware customers, led us to develop Organic Espresso Quatro as a certified organic Espresso Blend.

As an espresso machine can act as a magnifying glass to a coffee, revealing its most charming nuances as well as its most glaring faults, we had to take great care in selecting the coffees that would make up Organic Espresso Quatro. For years, we have crafted our house espresso blend, Espresso Paladino, to be everything we think a perfect espresso should be. The question was: How do we develop an entirely new espresso blend, using a limited selection of coffees, when we already have what we consider to be the ultimate espresso blend?

The answer was easier than we expected. Rather than try to re-invent Paladino using organic coffees, why not develop a blend equal in quality and balance to Paladino? This different style appeals not only to those searching for a certified organic espresso blend, but also to those looking for a different espresso experience? The result, after many years of refinement, is Organic Espresso Quatro; an espresso blend of four coffees that is certified organic and has a flavor profile that sets it apart from our house espresso blend.

In contrast to Espresso Paladino, Organic Espresso Quatro focuses on citrus fruit flavors contrasted with dark chocolate and floral aromatics. Organic Espresso Quatro leaps out of the cup with a light mouthfeel, bittersweet chocolate, crisp lemon zest and invigorating acidity that becomes even more prominent when married with sweet milk. Espresso lovers should consider Organic Espresso Quatro and Espresso Paladino as two different espresso blends from opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. Many fans of Organic Espresso Quatro enjoy it when blended with large amounts of milk or flavored syrups, as the acidity of the blend makes the coffee flavor stand out more through the milk.

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