About Fitzroy's Blend

Insanely popular among our customers, this crowd pleasing blend is smooth, full of body, and has sweet notes of bakers chocolate with a sweet molasses finish.

Fitzroy's Blend

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More about Fitzroy's Blend

The tale of Col. Fitzroy has roots deep within Washington State history. Legend has it that Col. Fitzroy spearheaded various exploratory expeditions into what are now known as the Straits of Juan de Fuca, a maze of waterways separating Washington State and British Columbia, Canada that ultimately forms Puget Sound and terminates near Washington's state capitol, Olympia.

While camping with his crew on the damp, mist enshrouded beaches of the San Juan Islands, Col. Fitzroy was rumored to brew massive amounts of hearty, dark roasted coffee to keep his expeditions moving forward. While we at Zoka have improved on the roasting and brewing processes of coffee slightly since the 19th Century, the spirit of Col. Fitzroy lives on in our Ebony Roast house blend.

Col. Fitzroy's Blend has long stood as one of Zoka's most loved coffees, cherished by the community surrounding our Greenlake Cafe since the day we opened our doors in 1997. Col. Fitzroy's Blend is a fine contrast to our Full City Roast Tangletown Blend, maintaining a pronounced acidity and uplifting lightness while introducing the soft, smoky characteristics of our signature Ebony Roast.

The dark chestnut colors and visible oils on the surface of the bean might lead the coffee connoisseur to expect aromas of smoke to take charge in the cup. But the blend of dense, hard beans from high altitudes of Central and South America stand up to the dark roast.

A typical Seattle afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy this rich, satisfying blend. When skies are steel grey, rain drizzles everywhere you look and the cold seems to penetrate to your bones no matter what you do, think of Col. Fitzroy and his crew and brew up a pot for yourself.

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