About the Single Origin Coffee Club

Zoka's Single Origin Coffee Club provides the "never run out" convenience of regular delivery, on your schedule, with the variety of Zoka's Family Direct Trade Single Origin Coffees from around the world.

What's so special about Single Origin coffee? Let us fill you in.

See notes on the August 2014 selections below.

Single Origin Coffee Club

August 2014 Single Origin Coffee Club Coffees

This month's coffees are the first shipment of coffees from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador from our February buying trip. We'll be including the amazing Santa Rosa 1900, the Ethiopian Konga and the Kenyan Gondo and Pacamara from Nicaragua.

More Single Origin Coffees on the way

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More about the Single Origin Coffee Club

The best of Zoka's best coffees. Single Origin presents a selection from our current Single Origin coffees every month (or more often, if you like). As we're constantly travelling to the world's best coffee growing locations, tasting the nuances of each year's crop from our family farm friends we've known for years, this subscription is from our Central American Coffees in the spring and summer to our African, Asian and South American coffees in the fall and Winter, Single Origin subscribers will always be treated to our favorite single origin coffees.

In 2013, Single Origin included Ethiopian Kochere, Rwanda Akilah, Malacara B from El Salvador, and many more. So far in 2014 we've got 14 new Single Origins coming to Zoka this spring and summer, so you'll have a great selection of coffees to look forward to every month.

We all have our favorites, our coffee "comfort foods" like the ever popular Tangletown and Paladino blends. But to broaden your coffee experience and enjoy tastes and aromas unique to a particular coffee, farm and region, the Single Origin Subscription is like an ever changing world tour of the best that Zoka has to offer.

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