Organic Tatoosh Blend

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About Organic Tatoosh Blend

Organic Tatoosh Blend stands out among Zoka's other Ebony Roast blend, Colonel Fitzroy's Blend, by highlighting the flavor of roast and featuring very heavy body and extremely low acidity. Fans of dark roasted coffees who are looking for a compliment to decadent desserts, or simply a cup to enjoy in the late afternoon or to round out an evening meal, will enjoy this rich, smoky blend.

Zoka's exclusive Organic Tatoosh Blend is known as our "Dark Roast Lover's" dark roast. Named after the picturesque Tatoosh mountain range near Washington State's impressive Mt. Ranier, this blend of mild coffees from South America and Indonesia embodies the flavor of Zoka's signature Ebony Roast.

Both components of our Tatoosh Blend are certified organic. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the production of these coffees. Both coffees are semi-washed, which means that some of the fruit remains on the bean as it dries. The result is a sweet, mild, and heavily bodied coffee after processing is complete.

Unlike many of Zoka's fine coffees, the components of Tatoosh grow at a relatively low altitude (below 4,500 feet) yielding a delicate bean that is challenging to roast. Due to the low density of the beans that make up the blend, Tatoosh must be roasted very carefully to preserve the inherent characteristics of the beans while enhancing their heavy, syrupy qualities with the deep caramelization and smokiness that comes with a dark roast. If the beans are roasted past the point of perfection, bitter and acrid flavors of carbon and creosote will taint the sweetness of the cup.

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