Rwanda Akilah Coffee

Two dollars from your purchase of this coffee supports the Akilah Institute of Women in Rwanda, where this coffee was grown. Akilah is building a generation of college campuses that empower graduates for success in careers and leadership roles. Learn more at www.

Abakundakawa translates to: those who love coffee. This Rwandan cooperative with a funny name formed in 2004. In six years, it has quickly emerged as one of Rwanda's premiere cooperatives– not only in terms of producing superior coffee, but in providing the tools and infrastructure its members need, such as an increased potable water supply and repairs to roads surrounding the cooperative's central washing station. Abakundakawa is an example of a cooperative's product directly benefiting from improved living and working conditions for its members (40% of which are women). In 2010, the cooperative expects to double its production from the year before. This year's crop is one of the best to come out of Rwanda in years.

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