Tasting Notes

An unforgettable coffee. Limoncillo expands in flavor and complexity with each sip, demanding attention with it's luscious body, mouth feel, and high acidity. The tasting notes of sweet peach and lemon are agreeably competitive. Light body, with a hint of clove at the finish.

Pacamara has a Zoka Cupping Score of 91, placing it in the top half of 1% of the world's coffees. Truly not to be missed.

Nicaragua Limoncillo Pacamara
Region Matagalpa
Producer Santos Demitrio Flores
Varietal Fancy Yellow Pacamara
Process Dry Fermented then Washed
Altitude 1,200 meters

More about Limonsillo Pacamara

Pacamara is a hybrid coffee, a cross of the Pacas and Red Maragopipe varietals. the name comes from the first four letters of each parent coffee. Created by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee research in 1958, the Pacamara was created to take advantage of the unique growing conditions of the region, providing a combination of higher productivity and optimal taste properties. In a way, Pacamara is an example of the science that has been applied to the coffee business over the last 60 years. As coffee has matured from being a commodity product to one capable of the complexities of flavor and experience that most associate with fine wines.

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