Tasting Notes

AξstrongξexampleξofξwhyξKenyansξareξsuperb.ξBright,ξcomplexξacidityξanimatesξtastingξnotesξofξ sweetξpeachξteaξandξsugarξbeetξwithξaξsparkle.ξUpξfrontξsweetnessξebbsξintoξaξroundedξfinishξofξ cherryξtomatoξandξdriedξstoneξfruit.ξAttractiveξforξitsξdynamicξflavorξprofileξasξwellξasξitsξjuicyξ mouthfeelξtheξKenyanξGondoξenjoysξincomparableξstature.ξ

Kenya Gondo
Region Murang'a
Producer Sasini Mill
Varietal SL28
Process Fully washed
Altitude 1,700 Meters

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Our Single Origin Coffee Club makes sure you always have the most interesting coffees from Zoka's Family Direct Trade sourcing trips to the best coffee-growing regions of the world. Our personal relationships with individual farmers guarantee them long-term well above commodity market prices for their remarkable coffees, and they guarantee you access to some of the most distinctive coffees in the world.

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