About Decaf Espresso Paladino

Paladino is acclaimed for its classic espresso flavor profile. It possesses a balance of creamy, honeyed body and fine acidity in the finish. Having proven itself in countless barista competitions, this blend is roasted a bit darker than medium or Full City stage.


Decaf Espresso Paladino

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About Decaf Paladino

The five origins that comprise Paladino are selected for their unique contributions to the aroma, body, sweetness, and aftertaste of the brew. The resulting crema is flecked with caramel and cocoa flavors that deliver an aftertaste to match.

We recommend Paladino for home use in a filter brew, French Press, or your home espresso machine. As a slow filter brew, it is round and complex and decidedly smooth in its character. With the proper espresso extraction, more nuances come to the forefront and a sparkling acidity excites the palate.

Espresso Paladino is a tried and true classic espresso blend of 100% Arabica coffees. Composed of South American, Indonesian, and African origins, Zoka uses only the highest grade of coffees that are also featured as single origins on our menu. The rich base of pulped-natural coffees and clean high-notes of washed varieties are responsible for the optimum balance and sweetness in this blend.

Pulped-natural processing leaves the sugary mucilage on the bean after pulping and throughout the drying stage. When this process is executed perfectly, the coffee can exhibit an unusually sweet and honey-like body that is ideal for espresso.

Perhaps no other espresso blend has been as vigorously scrutinized and tested as has our Espresso Paladino. A veteran of countless barista competitions locally and globally, Paladino has never disappointed. In worldwide competition, this blend has supported some of the highest ranking American baristas ��� Dismas Smith, and Phuong Tran. In the national competition, Paladino has been used by baristas placing first, second, fourth and fifth during the course of the 2002-2005 USBC (United States Barista Championship) finals. As of this writing, Paladino stands behind the barista champions of the Northwest and Midwest regional competitions, as well as the third place finisher in the Great Lakes competition.

We roast this coffee just past the Full City stage. Any darker, and the roast would overcome the range of flavors we have assembled, any lighter and the fine acidity would sharpen the edges.

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