Decaf Tangletown Blend

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About Decaf Tangletown Blend

Tangletown Blend, one of Zoka's top selling coffees, has been a mainstay of our menu since the day we opened our doors in 1997. The neighborhood that surrounds the original Zoka cafe, near Seattle's Green Lake, was given the name "Tangletown" years ago when a streetcar interchange occupied the space where businesses and condominiums now stand. Considered our Full City Roast House Blend, the Tangletown profile brings into balance all the flavors and aromas that characterizes coffees from Central America.

Tangletown Blend brings together two spectacular high grown Central American coffees. The coffees grow at an altitude of over 7,000 feet. This high altitude produces a yield of very dense beans that develop a concentrated, focused flavor. Each coffee in the blend is washed thoroughly in the tradition of the region. Beans are large, uniform and sparkling in their acidity.

The ideal Breakfast Blend, Tangletown Blend highlights refreshing acidity and enticing aromas of green apple and fresh baked bread. It is this fine acidity that we prize most in our Central American coffees and is the centerpiece of Tangletown Blend. Brilliant high notes dominate the cup, arousing the palate and finishing clean and crisp. It's a cup that will leave your palate invigorated long after you're finished.

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