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From one of the most gorgeous settings in the coffee world, we proudly bring you Santa Rosa 1900. Grown over a mile in the air in the hills above Tarrazu, Costa Rica, Santa Rosa tells a story through every cup.

Notes of White sugar, lemon, and mandarin coalesce in tastes of fresh squeezed lemonade alongside a subtle suggestion of orange. Light bodied and pleasantly acidic, the Santa Rosa is well rounded and immediately recognizable.

Santa Rosa 1900 received Zoka Cupping Score of 90, making it among the top half of 1% of the world's coffees.

A great candidate for Chemex preparation to reveal all of its distinct flavor characteristics.

Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900
Region Tarazzu, Costa Rica
Producer Helbert Naranjo
Varietal Bourbon
Process Washed
Altitude 1,900 Meters

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More about Santa Rosa 1900

Our breakout coffee with an incredible story. Santa Rosa is grown and processed in one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. Benefiting from the trifecta of high altitude, natural washing and sun drying, the quality and complexity are incomparable. The owner, Helbert Naranjo, discovered the location of Santa Rosa over a decade ago. Gorgeous, neglected, he knew that the haunting landscape held the key to his future. Only one problem remained. Helbert didn’t have the funds.

The next 8 years saw Mr. Naranjo in New Jersey, working as a bagel baker and saving money. After nearly a decade in the States, Helbert had saved enough of his income to purchase the property of his dreams. Upon returning to the hills of Tarrazu, he set about revitalizing the coffee farm and built a state of the art processing mill. We had the pleasure of visiting Herlbert’s farm in February 2014 and are thrilled to share his story, and his coffee, with you today.

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